Why the delay on the Book and Movie "Judicial Center"

A main focus of the Book and Movie pivot around a Western KY man that owns a surveillance company and heavily targeted by a mess of corrupted officials. Just prior to the release of the Book several important discoveries were made. The inclusion of these discoveries adds more value to the book than the delay takes away. ''

In the meantime the West KY, man is offering a $10,000 wager for any evidence (meaning so much as one item) that backs up the multitude of false arrests made against him.  We find it quite entertaining that he has also built several sites since the start of this book. Check them out.

www.SheriffMattCarter.com   - Sheriff that won't press charges against local officials.

www.JenniferPeeler.com   - An Attorney that filed a false police report against James Samples - The West KY, man

www.AttorneyShannonPowers.com   - James' attorney that withheld discovery that prevented James from knowing the details of his charges for over 3 months.

www.DeputyDavidKing.com   - A deputy that made a false arrest against James. King has a long history of false arrest and is in all probability a youth rapist from Clarksville, Tennessee

www.TravisCounts.com   - The police officer that knowingly made a false arrest against James Samples following a false police report that was given by Attorney Jennifer Peeler.