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Judicial Center

  The Official Release Date for the book is May 12th, 2018 the Official Release Date for the Movie has yet to be determined.
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KY. Sheriff John Hayden has announced that he will not run for re-election

Det. Matt Carter wants to be the next Sheriff. - Det. Carter (Like Sheriff Hayden) ignored request to remove children from a Sheriff sponsored meth-house. Did Det. Carter know what was going on? Is Det. Carter a good guy or is he corrupt?

Matt Carter (left) & Sheriff John Hayden (right)

Justice System or World's Largest Crime Syndicate.

    James was charged with four bogus charges and was facing 16 years. Here's how the scam works:

    An attorney makes a false police report against the victim. An officer makes bogus charges against the victim. The victim is incarcerated without even being questioned or for that matter the people they were with at time of the alleged event. Then the courts assure the victim that the system is far too corrupt for the victim to receive a fair trial. E.g. They let it be known that they accept perjury against the victim, they crop footage from the courtroom videos and refuse to put it back, they have hearings and refuse to let the victim testify or present evidence,... They also refuse to file charges of “terroristic threating” and “intimidating a witness” against the person threating the life of the victim’s star witness.


Note: All these activities have been documented by James Samples (a victim that just so happened to own a surveillance company) and all these activities are being uploaded to World Wide Web.

    Last but not least the victim’s own lawyer (part of the same bar association with the judge and the attorney that falsified the police report) denies the victim a copy of Discovery for nine months. That completely ruins any chance of the victim knowing the details of their charge in a reasonable amount of time. Thus denying the victim a chance to obtain video footage from the places he was at, at the time of the alleged crime. In James’ case a video from the surveillance, system from the Hendron Lone Oak Elementary School (only keeps their footage for 30 days) and the Barkley Regional Airport (only keeps their footage for 60 days).

    The victim’s lawyer assures the victim that if a plea of guilty is entered right now they are free to walk out of jail that day! In James’ case his lawyer assured him that if he did not plead guilty that it would be six years before he would have access to the recordings that proves that he is innocent and by that time James would be so far behind on his child support that he would never be free. The victim’s lawyer then pockets the victim’s money and does nothing but watch the victim sign guilty to a bogus charge.
James had his own private recorder running the entire time, his every move was tracked by Google Timeline, his parents are witnesses that he was with them during the alleged crime,... In a real Justice System James’ charges would have never it made past the initial investigation, but before the World’s largest crime syndicate Millions of American’s are robbed of their freedoms as their pockets are emptied by the corrupt.


    The U.S. Justice system has become the largest crime syndicate, ever. 95% of cases never make it to trial. Although America has only 5% of the world’s population it has 25% of the world’s inmate population and 70% of the World’s lawyers. Many institutions are privatized and they line the pockets of the syndicate-at-large.

The true beauty of Democracy is that within 100 days of a single election – Justice can be restored.


   James for Gov James_for_Gov


Let's get to work and God Bless us all!!


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He is a dad that loves his children. He is a pastor that has had to endure many false arrests from a corrupt system that he exposed. He refuses to pay for the meth that his ex-wife and her boyfriend prioritize over paying the rent.