Man vows to dig up the skeletons in the court's closet and exposes one of the largest deposits of abuse-of-power and corruption in America's history!

Jonathan Vanderhagen

This man blasted a judge and a so-called "friend of the court" (aka an Enemy of the Family) on Facebook.  He made no threats of any kind, however he is currently incarcerated with a half of a million dollar bond. Simply because he stated that he feels - as do most of us - that the judge in this case is responsible for the death of his beautiful baby son.

Thin-Skinned Judge That Doesn't Like Disapproval is now DISAPPROVED of by ALL AMERICANS!

A grieving dad that expressed his disapproval of the actions and lack of actions that preceded his son's death while with the apparently drug-addicted mother is now incarcerated. This is North Korea, Nazi crap right here in America. Americans are unlikely to tolerate any of it.

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YouTuber MR. OBVIOUS does a pretty good job summing up this infraction to the American Spirit

Judge Rachel Rancilio gave custody of the son to the mother who showed warning signs of abusive behavior and the son died in her care. Then the Father, Jonathan Vanderhagen criticized her online so she had him imprisoned.

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81% of Americans openly admit that they don't trust their government. What is Judge Rachel Rancilio going to do? Is she going to lock-up and have the bail set at $500,000 for 265 MILLION of us? We had best stop her in her tracks, and ensure that she no longer has a law license!

81 percent of Americans don't trust their government

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Jonathan Vanderhagen Facebook Page

Jonathan Vanderhagen
Jonathan Vanderhagen and his son Killian

On going research:
Who was the other Bar Association Member (judge) that set Mr. Vanderhagen's bond.

Who was the Officer that didn't take heed to his/her oath regarding the upholding of Mr. Vanderhagen's Constitutional Rights and arrested him?

Will there be a gag order to conceal Judicial mis-conduct...

His next court date is on September 13, 2019. We will keep a close eye on this one!

Mr. Vanderhagen, we love, respect, and honor the memory of Killian. We are your brothers that 100% support your efforts. You wanted to dig up the skeletons the court's closets. What you have done is cast the brightest light possible on their corrupt run-away nature & Nazi like abuse-of-power. God Bless you Mr. Vanderhagen!