We Demand Charges to be Filed Against Atty. Meredith Clymer!

Atty. Meridith Clymer

Mamma Clymer Commits Perjury to Protect herself and her Baby Bear

Discoveries made in August of 2019 is shedding new light as to why Attorney Meredith Clymer appeared at a McCracken County Emergency Custody Hearing on Nov. 19th, 2015, and committed perjury that resulted in two children being trapped unnecessarily in an abusive meth-house.

James Samples files for Emergency Custody to remove his two children from an active meth-house and is immediately attacked by the Clymer family: Circuit Judge (papa Clymer), County Attorney (son Clymer), and Prosecutors Office (momma Clymer).

James Samples and his parents claimed that James' children were in a active meth-house. Atty. Meredith Clymer appears at the Emergency Custody Hearing and accuses James and James' parents of lying about his ex-wife and her paramour Billy Don Waynick's meth environment. It was unknown to the Samples family that 2/3 of the Clymer family was responsible for that meth-environment until after James and his children was attacked by the entire Clymer Clan.


As it turns out, the entire time that Atty. Meredith Cylmer is accusing James and parents of lying about the meth-house of his ex-wife: Atty. Meredith Clymer's office (the prosecutors office) and her son (Sam Clymer - The County Attorney) was actively using Billy Don Waynick to purchase meth from other dealers. James is hit with false arrest and is denied a copy discovery explaining the details of his arrest for over nine months thanks to papa clymer (Judge Craig Z. Clymer) and his co-worker Judge Tim Kaltenbach.


James Samples has had to forego his home, master electrician license, all of his belongings... to seek refuge overseas to escape all the false arrest and denials of due process!

Clymer Family in Action

Hard working taxpayers can not tolerate these individuals and their actions in our courthouses!

1st Clymers & a dirty Sheriff create a meth-environment

Meth-house that the children were stuck in

Prosecutors office is actively using the meth environment and are responsible for the meth-environment that the children are trapped in!

2nd she commits perjury. Denies Meth Environment

3rd James is hit with false arrest and denied the details for over 9 months

Jennifer Peeler

Atty. Jennifer Peeler

30 minutes before the hearing she tells James that he should have never posted a video of a McCracken County Judge admitting to accepting perjury. During the hearing she refuses to allow James to testify or present evidence. 45 minutes after the hearing she files a false police report against James.