Atty. Marc Wells

A hired attorney helps to conceal corruption instead fighting for his client

James Samples paid an attorney from Princeton, Kentucky named Marc Wells a retainer for $5,000. The attorney took the money and never entered a single ounce of evidence showing that his client was innocent into the record. BTW, James had more than enough evidence to prove to any sound person that Attorney Jennifer Peeler filed a false police report against him.

For over three years James has pleaded with Atty. Marc Wells to notify the courts

James has repeatedly requested that Marc Wells notify the courts that he was forced to enter bogus guilty pleas under the duress that stemmed from local corruption. Below are copies of emails and video is being made that include the phone conversations.

We once suffered Taxation without representation. Now its retainers without representation! Attorneys must be banned from asking for or accepting "retainers"!

James asked Atty. Marc Wells to notify the courts that his bogus guilty pleas were made under duress. Atty. Marc Wells lied saying that he would and when called out for not doing it, refused.

Another email of James asking his attorney to notify the courts of his clients claim of duress.

Attorneys must be banned from asking for or accepting "retainers"!
The first time it was taxation without representation! This time its retainers without representation!

Attorney Marc Wells

Phone: +1 270-365-5576

Address: 209 W Main St, Princeton, KY 42445


It's time to completely reform the Judicial Conduct Review Board and the Bar Association! Another attorney to watch out for is Atty. Shannon Powers (aka Sell-Out-Shannon).