Ben Green

Update: District Court Judge Hunter Whitesell made a ruling that has many West Kentuckians angary. Hon. Whitesell's basically states that the KY & U.S. Constitutions are no longer applicable. At the heart of the case against Sgt. Ben Green is the fact that he wittingly caused 16 people to be assaulted by removing them from protective custody and putting the in General Population. He also reclassified the inmates without consulting his supervisors.

Ben Green

Ben Green Jailer caused assaults

Hon. Whitesell stated that he dismissed the charges based on the lack of written policies regarding reclassifying inmates. There may not have been any written policies against Green reclassifying inmates, however many laws, at least two Constitutions and Green's own oath against wittingly causing harm to civilians is strictly forbidden. As everyone can imagine relocating those civilians from protective custody to general population (Ben Green's other action that day) would certainly cause assaults to occur.

We are in an era when trust in the police and our government is the lowest it’s been in all of American History. We are in a time when the outcry against police brutality and the denial of constitutional and human rights have never been louder. It's easy to understand why so many people are upset about the judge dismissing charges to prevent the case from being heard before a jury. The Judge basically says that there isn't any written policy against Green reclassifying inmates and relocating them, thus wittingly causing them harm. In other words in popular Kentucky Judicial fashion the judge completely ignores two written documents that were penned before his time. Those written instruments prohibit such harm in any given manner. Nothing new about a KY Judge throwing both the U.S. & KY Constitutions out the window. What is new is that the people are starting to take notice.

Experts say that there can never be enough written policies to cover all the possibilities and that’s why we rely on general rights to govern our actions. I.e. nowhere, is there a written policy SPECIFICALLY stating that an officer cannot stab a civilian - for no good reason - in the eye with a knife made of Uranium. Does that mean the officer is allowed to do it? NO! Many feel that the Family, District, and Circuit Courts are doing everything they can to stamp out the rights of the people, however whether Hon. Whitesell likes it or not THE PEOPLE’S RIGHTS WILL BE ENFORCED!

www.KyNews.Today is preparing to file an appeal to overturn the Judge's dismissal of the Constitution, Petition the Judicial Conduct Review Board to reprimand Hon. Whitesell, and aid the preparation of a Class Action Law Suit against the jail.


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Many Western Kentuckians believe that the charge against Ben Green should be presided over in Frankfort as opposed to any of the counties in Western Kentucky

A McCracken County grand jury indicted former Sgt. Ben Green on 16 counts of first degree official misconduct. The charges were brought about following multiple complaints by inmates alleging that Ben Green caused their assaults while under the care of the McCracken County jail.

Kentuckians Call on the F.B.I. & the KY Justice & Public Safety Cabinet Sec. John Tilley as well as the Administrative Office of the Courts to Relocate the Handling of Ben Green's Case

We request of the F.B.I. to follow up and ensure Justice prevails in an area where it typically fails.

Jails such as the McCracken County Jail accommodate local prosecuting attorneys by creating environments that force the accused into pleading guilty via accepting their plea bargains in order to escape the County’s Corruption.

James Samples a co-author of the book Judicial Center (www.Judicial.Center) has forgone his Master Electrician's License, Electrical Contractor's License, his house, his family and his friends to flee the false arrest, assaults, & the attempted homicide within the extremely corrupt McCracken County jail.

James flew out of the United States on August 6th, 2016 (13 months ago as of Sept of 2017) for his protection. James fled the very county where Ben Green is alleged to cause other assaults and harm to 16 inmates.

Ben Green is apt to find favoritism from local prosecutors that appreciate the way the McCracken County jail mis-handles inmates particularly the falsely accused as they are more apt to push for an expensive trial. The hostile environment prevents 97% of civilians from seeking justice via trial in such a morally bankrupt system.

James Samples is going public with over 9 Terabytes exposing vast corruption as he releases his book on May the 12th, 2018.
Unlike James the incarcerated inmates don't have the luxury of exposing the corruption from afar. Due to retaliation concerns - Kentuckians are asking that those inmates affected by Ben Green to be transferred to elsewhere, and the case against Ben Green to be transferred to Frankfort (Franklin County Circuit Court) or better yet handled by a Federal Prosecutor.