Federal Bureau of Investigation

F.B.I. - Kentuckians across the State are asking your Agency (our Agency) to intervene and bust up the "Third World Hillbilly Corruption" in Kentucky.
Against Citizens, KY Officers file false charges on crimes the Citizens didn't commit. Against themselves Officers file no charges at all on the crimes Officers and Officials do commit.

request to the F.B.I.

request to the F.B.I.

I've asked the F.B.I. to look into the welfare of my children as it is a conflict of interest for the State of KY to investigate abuse caused by the State of KY. I've also asked the F.B.I. to investigate crimes committed on me by lawyers, officials, and officers in the State of KY. I've asked people to join me in my request so that it will be a request by 50 people. It is now a request by 50 people. If that's not enough tell me how people it will take for you to investigate and take action against these criminals. Hopefully 50 is enough.


Ex-Jailer Ben Green

Tactics such denying inmates medication, facilitating attacks, denying contact with the outside world during medical emergencies,... makes jails like McCracken County famous. Prosecutors benefit from this corruption as it forces inmates to accept plea bargains, bear false witness... A West KY prosecutor can not be trusted to handle the case against Ben Green.

Why this shoud be a Federal Case

Former KSP Trooper Burks

The Kentucky State Police has a long history of embezzlement and Professional Courtesy. Every Kentucky Citizen is in Debt $61,903 Federal, $8,712 State plus $??,???? Personal debt trying to survive. WE ARE IN NO MOOD TO TOLERATE GOVERNMENT EMBEZZLEMENT and PROFESSIONAL COURTESY!

Why this should be a Federal Case


False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Unlawful Tactics used to force Plea Bargains, Drugs... Endless Hillbilly Corruption.

Why These Should be Federal Cases

We need the F.B.I. to clean up our current mess - we also need a plan to keep it clean.

Although not every crime committed by our Kentucky Officials and Officers are drug-crimes; most agree nearly all acts of corruption in KY is drug related. Title 4 D&E corruption, Civil Forfeiture Abuses,... There are many examples of corruption problems that stem indirectly from the drug addiction of our KY Officials and Officers. Many argue that the violation of the 8th Amendment known as Court Cost wouldn't be extensive if it wasn't for drug related corruption.

A KY Public Servant License should be a requirement for all Government Officials, Officers, Members of the Bar Association and even "Friends" of the court. KY corruption is vast and thorough drug screening and auditing for those mishandling our money, making false arrest....

KY Public Servant License

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As Kentuckians, as Americans we cannot afford to wait any longer to clean house. Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch... It's time to audit and screen the entire Tree. Make the corrupt leave by addressing the roots of the problem - Cocaine!