Former Trooper Logan Burks

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We are asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate Former Trooper Logan Burks and his possible accomplice: KSP Maj. Jeremy Thompson, in the theft/cover-up of $721

Kentucky State Police has a long history of embezzlement and Professional Courtesy.

Note for non LEO readers: Professional Courtesy is what officers refer to as turning a blind to each other's crimes. It's very common in third world countries and the Common Wealth of Kentucky.

As taxpayers we been pushed to the breaking point. We are at time where ALL Kentuckians even our new born babies are $70,616 dollars in debt (just from the Fed. & State). We are at a time where we are calling for the entire Kentucky Government+ (Officials, Officers & Members of the Bar Association) to be drug screened by a third party with open records. As we try to figure out why there is so much corruption.

We are NOT at a time where we can tolerate embezzlement and Professional Courtesy! KSP Maj. Jeremy Thompson doesn't seem to believe that Troopers are accountable to the Civilians that are drowning in debt to pay his salary.

F.B.I. Agents we don't mind paying for your salaries or the salaries of the Kentucky State Police - We do however expect there to be no double standards! Since the Kentucky State Police has such a lengthy history of embezzlement and Professional Courtesy; we ask you to step in and investigate this fine example of why taxpayers are hemorrhaging to death.

For more information visit WPSD Local 6

KSP Major Responds to Trooper Investigation - by Amanda Roberts

Local judge, county attorney weigh in on lack of charges against former trooper - by Amanda Roberts

Former Trooper Logan Burks

Former Trooper

In his personal capacity he is human like the rest of us. However we cannot afford the continuance of the embezzlement and Professional Courtesy that we have seen from this agency in the past.

Jeremy Thompson

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KSP Maj. Jeremy Thompson

Should Maj. Thompson be known as: "Major Double Standards"? He says that the employers of Troopers are not the citizens. The Citizens that have gone into MAJOR debt paying their salaries believe that Maj. Double Standards is incorrect.

It's time for Spring Cleaning at "Our Old KY Home"

We can no longer afford to allow our State Government to keepĀ  going the way its going. We deserve better, Our children deserve better.

Next Steps...

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