Matt Carter

Matt Carter - You want to be the McCracken County Sheriff?

I have to ask who and what are going to protect and serve? Are you going to protect the people and fight for their constitutional rights? Are you going to fight for the furtherance of McCracken County

Is Matt Carter for the People or the Corruption?

Is Matt Carter for the People or the Corruption?


We the People want to know!

News flash from James Samples, like many citizens from McCracken Co., I'm not going pay for anyone's meth. I don't care what the Perjury Accepting Judge or the Judge that wouldn't let me testify and present evidence orders! Billy Waynick was your agency's C.I.  you ignored my emails... asking for my children to be removed from the abusive meth-house of your agency's making. Again I'm not paying for anyone's meth! My ex-wife and your C.I. (her boyfriend) wouldn't pay their rent. They bought drugs and alcohol. Social Services and other officials are committing perjury to help cover-up the damage done to my children by your agency. I don't care how many false arrest are made against me, I don't drink or do drugs and I'm not paying for that stuff for anyone. So I have to ask:

If you are elected Sheriff are you going to stand up to the Courts and refuse to serve warrants to those that have had their constitutional rights violated? Are you going to protect and serve the citizens of the county or are you going to enforce the interest of the corrupt?

The People need Protection from the Courts. Are you going to stand up for the People or do you stand for corruption? Let's find out. I want to file some complaints. Det. Matt Carter contact me at Overhaul@Judicial.Center

Us Taxpayers and Our Children Deserve Better Than This! Deputies like Deputy White deserve better than to have to go out and put his life on the line to serve a warrant on People protecting their children!

Det. Carter are you ready to stand up for the People? Det. Carter contact James Samples at: Overhaul@Judicial.Center so we can work out the details of the complaints that need filed. These are the children that are the biggest victims of the corruption in McCracken Co., KY.
BTW: Even though another county locked away your "Dirty" C.I. - the children haven't had a break from being surrounded by meth-heads since your agency's cover-up began.

Kadence E. Samples

James' Daughter - victim of abuse by meth-head during your agency's corruption cover-up

Christopher J. Samples

James' son - victim of abuse by meth-head during your agency's corruption cover-up



Det. Carter I'll give you access to 9 Terabytes of corruption now. Are you going to file complaints or extend Professional Courtesy to crooked Attorneys... KYNEWS.TODAY