Dirty Sheriff

Meth use, car thefts, child abuse, threatening witnesses...

These are some things that McCracken County officials not only allowed to go on they also tried to cover them up by going so far as to make false arrest against the dad that was exposing the harm that his children are in.

Sheriff and CPS ignored all pleas to remove children from an active Meth-house

After many pleas to remove children from an active meth-house went ignored and several false arrest were made against the dad asking for help, the dad dug deeper to discover that the Sheriffs office and the McCracken County Prosecuting Attorneys Office were responsible for the meth-house.

 James made contact with other Drug Task Force Agencies

James discovered that other task force agencies would no longer use Billy Waynick as a so-called "confidential informant" because he was too much trouble. That's exactly the living conditions that James' children are having to live with. That's exactly what corrupt McCracken County officials caused and then tried to cover-up via false arrest against a loving dad that doesn't use drugs or drink alcohol...!

meth head house

Their Former Meth-House

Johnson Road - Paducah, KY

The dad of two beautiful children tried to free his children from an abusive meth-house just to receive a "Judicial-Throat-Punch" delivered to him and his children.

Stolen Jeep

Stolen Jeep

From the parking lot at Lourde's Hospital

 Although the crime has been solved it remains unsolved by so-called law enforcement. Those that are paid to enforce the law are paid the same if they break it instead.

Intimidating a witness

Threatened and Intimidated a Witness

No charges filed

Livingston County Sheriff's Office also used Billy for stolen vehicles... they had too much to hide file charges against Billy for silencing a witness.