I invite you to be the judge. I'm asking for a Determination. I argue that it's time to disband the CPS.

Child Protective Services or Child Predator Services?
Heroes or Terrorist?

How would you like a lie like this being told at a custody hearing? All of CPS' records show that the statement was a lie. This is what they do, help get rid of them before they do it to you.

Guys, these child predators have declared war on us and our children! The only question is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to march like people in pu**y hats or are we going to fight for our children's rights and safety?

Child Predator Services

In just one case I'll show you how you could lose your children because of  the lies told by a series of child predators backed a judge that normally accepts perjury (according to the judge herself), a court that will refuse to allow a loving dad a chance to even testify or present evidence, attorneys that refuse to represent the dad and children after robbing them of a retainer other attorneys going so far as to file false police reports... all in an attempt to cover up their own corruption.


James' case

  • They were caught committing perjury numerous times
  • They drug tested the dad that was complaining that his children were stuck in a meth-house. The dad tested clean. They never tested the adults that were in the meth-house with the children!
  • They refused to drug test James' ex-wife, her boyfriend or the other adults in the meth-house
  • They made James sign a "case-plan" for letting the children ride in a Taxi for 500' while the CPS was trying to conceal their crimes as well as the fact that his children were stuck in a meth-house that existed as a result of corrupted officials.

What is the CPS? What is used for?

CPS is a PRIVATE BUSINESS that is utilized by the members of the Bar Association and the State. If you are a believer that organizations, businesses and the government will tend to do what profits them then you are well on your way, to understanding the modus operandi of these lucifertarian leaning child predators.

Family Terrorism

Bar Association Fundraiser

Parents love children - Even in vain - They will pay!

It benefits the Bar Association to stick the children in meth-houses... while a loving parent will pay for years trying to rescue their little ones! CPS = Evil Workhorse.

Devani Rose

Foster Monsters

Helping the State Treasure soak up Federal Dollars for keep pedophile rings stocked

Children are ripped from loving, drug test passing... parents and tortured as a government fundraiser

CPS History

CPS History

There is no terrorist organization that compares to CPS. There is no organization with a worse track record than the CPS!

State CPS takes attorney's kids in retaliation for defending mother! Defense Evidence disappears!

CPS = Bar-Association-Hired-Lying-Organization to help pump funds from protective parents!