Most Common Words Outside of a "Family Courtroom":

"I don't understand..." are the most common words spoken outside of the family court. We all do it. We all blind ourselves with the delusion that the courts are inclined to do: what is in the best interest of parents and children. We know that the judge is just another bar association member and the bar members only profit from doing just the opposite, however our hopes blind us from the facts.

Can we stop the corruption and save the children?

We can and we will! Have you ever noticed a pendulum swing action when looking at nation wide problems? Things will get real bad in a certain way and then like a pendulum it will start swinging the other.  We must realize that things always change. Nearly nothing stays the same. Currently the family courts are rapidly worsening. Directly proportionally people are working individually, in small groups and collectively to find a peaceful solution as well as prepare ourselves for a revolutionary reaction in case the pendulum needs assistance.

Common types of Reform Advocates

Here are the top three types of peaceful advocates. They're raising awareness while busting through social media blackouts and judicial gag orders. Information about the less peaceful alternatives are listed below.

Radio and Video Talk Shows

North West Liberty News

Talk Shows are growing in huge numbers as so-called family courts create a larger audience looking for justice. Viewed above is one such example: North West Liberty News.

Social Media Giants

Family Forward Project

Despite blackouts and government enforced cyber-speed slowdowns. Websites such as this one and social media pages, E.g. this new comer: "Family Forward Project" are populating the web at lighting fast speeds!

The Judicial Systems is exponentially increasing the number of voters looking for reform. Non politicians will increase in their numbers as candidates struggling in a new arena that is continuously shifting to their favor.

The Non-Peaceful Last Resort

A peaceful solution is everyone's desire. Most Americans are in agreement the Police State and assaults on the family bonds between both parents and their children is a huge problem in the States. Although there are signs the tables are about to turn. Currently all agree the situation is currently getting worse. How bad could things possibly get. Could the people of the United States rise to the challenge last seen in the year 1783? What steps would we need to take to assure the least amount of force is used to ensure the enforcement of everyone's rights? How can we make sure there is minimal "collateral damage" and efforts are aimed only at the deserving?