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What a "Judicial Throat Punch"?

Every now and then you can observe the ripple in the cloth of tyranny that shows the corrupt connectives of law enforcement, bar association, CPS child predator services... The name derives from a case in Bryan, Texas where a man named Travis Sheppard exposed a corrupt judge.  Thus setting the whole cloth into motion making the interconnections visible to the masses.

Expose Corruption > Get Hit With Lots Of Corruption > Now In Position To Expose Lots Of Corruption

Below are 10 proven unique forms of corruption that are often orchestrated to drain the wallets of loving parents.

The case used below is of James Samples and Kentucky corruption. James owned a surveillance company and therefore its one of the best documented. 

Corrupt Sheriff and Prosecutor's Office

Involved with meth deals, allowing meth use and child abuse as well as stolen vehicles... are involved with false arrest against the dad that that exposed this meth environment that they subjected his children to.

CPS (Child Predator Services) Commits Perjury

A social worker appears at a custody hearing and commits perjury. CPS' on records show that Rita Jenkins' comment at a custody hearing was a flat out lie!

Judge Affirms that She Accepts Perjury in Her Court Room

Although lying under oath is a Class D felony in Kentucky. The exposes perjury. The Judge says that she doesn't want it out... Yes she normally accepts perjury.

CPS and the Dad's own attorney refuses to request drug test for the mother and her paramour

CPS refuses to drug test the five adults living in a three bedroom mobile home with the dad's two children. CPS does drug test the dad making the request.

The dad exposing the corruption and the harm to his children is hit with multiple false arrest

Unbeknownst to the dad, the very Sheriff's department  is responsible for the harm to his children. The  dad tries to file a report and is hit with multiple false arrest.

A video makes it to the internet that the judge & attorneys did NOT want out!

A prosecuting attorney from the office responsible for the meth environment that his children are in, appears & commits perjury,
The Dad is not allowed to testify or present evidence.

Attorney Files a false police report against the dad

The Gurdian Ad Litum facing a malpractice lawsuit files a false police report against the dad. The dad has a plethora of proof regarding his innocence.

The dad is denied due process and denied the details regarding his arrest.

The dad's own lawyer with held the details of the false charges and continued to lie about the details of the arrest. The dad is wrongfully locked up for nine months and then forced to enter a bogus guilty plea.

Dad leaves the country to abate false arrest and corrupt judicial assaults

The Dad left the United States leaving his home, master electrician license, and all of his belongings to be free of the continuous false arrest and corrupt judicial assaults.

Attorney refuses to notify the judge that the bogus guilty plea was made under duress.

The dad left the country to abate the non-stop false arrest. Pleas with his lawyer for three years to inform the courts that the guilty pleas where made under duress.