Reason for Addressing this Request to the KY Supreme Court: The Kentucky Supreme Court is responsible for establishing rules of practice and procedures for the Court of Justice, which includes the conduct of judges and attorneys.

Unethical Recording Equipment

The 2nd Circuit uses unethical recording equipment that could allow the Circuit Judge, County Clerk, other staff members… an opportunity to crop testimonies, outcries, tyrannical statements… from the official record. Removal of all unethical equipment shall take place immediately!

Quit Accepting Perjury

Judges of 2nd District have a history of accepting perjury in their courtrooms. THE ACCEPTANCE OF PERJURY, IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in our courtrooms!

Stop the Intimidation Tactics

The use of intimidation tactics by the courts/bar association to place Defendants under a state of duress forcing their denials of the duress and possible “bogus” guilty plea(s).

Denial of Discovery Shall Stop Immediately

Another very unethical intimidation tactic used by the 2nd District is to force a guilty plea via inflicting duress to Defendants via denying the Defendants a copy of Discovery for months.

Denial of the Appeal Process Via Rapid False Arrest Must Stop Immediately

Rapid false arrest prevents citizens from utilize the appeal process.

So-called "Court-Cost" for misimendors or traffic related offences shall not to exceed $10

Either the Citizen's constitutional rights are being violated due to "excessive fines/fees" or via "selective taxitation" and must stop immediately. When it cost over a hundred dollars to pay a simple $20 ticket the largest crime that was commited, was done by 2nd Circuit. The fees charged to Citizes for filing deeds, wills... exhibit a proponderence of evidence that the courthouse in its entirity is too ineffiencient for the civilian population to tolariate and must be replaced by a private contractor thats voted on by Citizens every four years!

Citizens charged as criminals for using the restoom

2nd Circuit is infamous for punishing citizes for not entering a guilty plea and prepaying their citations by locking the courtrom doors for many hours and charging citizens with crimes, for using the restroom. Everyone that has been subjected to that behaviour was asured that due process is not a reality in the 2nd Circuit. All fines and court cost for "failure to Appear" in the 2nd Circuit shall be returned to the Citizen immediately as well as a reversal of any Guilty determinations for: 1.) the FTA and 2.) any accompanying charge, as any citizen subjected to that kind of 2nd Circuit behaviour is in fact under duress.