KY Limits Candidates – Keeps Non-Corrupt Out

HB 114

What is the big deal about changing deadlines?

If you are going to change deadlines for running for office, the ethical thing to do is to make it effective for the NEXT election. Right, Ethical, Simple...? The current 2019 election involved the most hated Governor in the U.S. running against the most hated party in Kentucky. The probability of someone outside of their combined crime syndicate getting elected, was very high. The fight was on to block third party candidates outside of the cartel from taking the Governor's seat.  Even though the Libertarian Party successfully fought to get their candidate in the race, they failed to pick a candidate that will fight against the vast & present corruption.

When a bill moves this fast...

The faster a bill moves through the Senate & House the more corrupt it is. We will probably have to wait a million years for laws like: A judge can't force a person to pay for another person illicit drugs (non-tracked so-called child support) or laws banning unethical proprietary recording devices (JAVS) from court rooms that have the ability to erase testimony and superimpose fake timestamps.... How many false arrest and property thefts can they pull off with that technology? It needs to be removed!

Do you feel that HB 144 is an unethical Crime Syndicate move that does a dis-service to all Kentucky citizens?

Myron Dossett a Republican from the Bowling Green area is the man that brought the Bill forward.

Myron Dossett

Republican Representive Myron Dossett

House Bill 114 - Corrupt

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