Love vs. Evil

Judge A Society By Its Prisons

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Love vs. Evil

There are those that yell no electricity, television, food... for inmates!

However, the vast majority of everyone simply wants everyone to lean towards being a productive and an integral part of a loving and healthy society. Jesus teaches to look for and recover the sheep that is lost.

Corrections - From Prisoner to Productive Member of Society

Inmates should be encouraged to engage in good hygiene. Currently Inmates are often forced to wear the same clothes for a week. That's not corrective, by modern standards that's cruel and unusual punishment. Inmates should be provided with clean clothes everyday. Inmates that have ample contact with loved ones are inspired to better themselves. Every inmate should get at least one free phone call a day as well as, three envelops and stamps per week.

Doctors Pad

Actual Medical Care

No more causing death to increase profits

Within an hour of an inmate requesting to be transferred to a hospital for medical or dental reasons that inmate shall be given a free call to alert family or friends that there is a medical condition. The inmate shall be given a free call daily and shall never be removed to a location void of a phone.

Dividers Vist Center

Visitations with imates shall have some level of privacy from other inamtes

Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

All inmates shall have a means of conveying to a visitor, an internal threat from corrupt officials or other inmates, without the other inmates knowing about it. Weekly isolated one-on-one interviews between an officer and an inmate shall also be conducted.

Food Breakfast

Food Shall Be Held To The Same Standard Of Restaurants

Food Inspector Shall be Accountable

The same food inspector for restaurants shall be accountable for the quality of food in correctional facilities. The food in jails shall be of the same quality as that in Restaurants.

Forget not, that we live in era of Government Corruption and many innocent people are incarcerated. That could happen to your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter... Guilty or Innocent - They shall be protected and properly cared for!

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