What if Satan or one of his cronies makes their way to  becoming a Circuit Court Judge?

They shall have no darkness to hide in. Every judgement, decision, determination,... shall be made in the light.

No Sealed Indictments, No Gag Orders, and Discovery shall be provided within 24 hours of an arrest

In a world full of DVR cameras that recorded over every 30, 60, 90 days, there are more opportunities to obtain footage to prove innocence when a citizen becomes a victim of a false arrest. Memories of witnesses are fresher... Evil judgements that violate Constitutional Rights can no longer, be allowed to remain hidden!

Modern examples of how Satan uses Gag orders

John 3:20
For every one that doeth evil hateth the light,...

Stella Liebeck

McDonald's - Coffee Burn Lady - Ridiculed until she died!

McDonald's was allowed to tell their version of the story. Stella was ridiculed from around the world and prohibited from showing the truth or telling how

James Younger

Victim of Texas Judge that prohibits the teachings of Jesus

Dallas Judge Kim Cooks prohibits 7 year old James Dad to teach him the teachings of Jesus. The Judge has issued a gag order to try and to conceal her evil deeds! WE CANNOT ALLOW GAG ORDERS IN KY!

James Samples

Jailed, had hired two attorneys, was REFUSED DISCOVERY FOR OVER NINE MONTHS,... turns out an Attorney filed a false police report and James has the proof!

Hired attorneys refuse to enter the evidence into the record and also refuses to notify the Judges that he was forced to enter a guilty plea under duress.

"Sealed Indictments", "Gag Orders", and "Denial-of-Discovery for more than 24 hours" prohibits due process.