A sound you not hear

Be prepared for the worst case scenario and pray for the best

All would agree it's better to have a firearm and not need it than it is to need a firearm and not have it. Preparedness is the difference between becoming as the 700,000 people killed under the rule of Joseph Stalin or not.

Could America really end up like Russia under the rule of Joseph Stalin (1939)?

Between 1934-39 in Russia - Stalin's rule - there were over a million people imprisoned. The United States has that DOUBLED this very minute. Can you image what was once the Land of the Free now has twice as many people imprisoned then Joseph Stalin had. What's next? Do they want to disarm all citizens? What would happen if they did?

Preparation Priorities

Again, peaceful solutions have the highest priority and non-peaceful measures are a strict last resort. It is important to fight as hard as we can to make the Peaceful solutions successful. You certainly want to make sure any non-peaceful measures are successful. Non-Peaceful Measures can be Successful.

Step 1. Identify Friends and Foe

Unlike in our past where we had to group people into categories and declare war on the whole group, we can use databases and other technologies to almost completely eliminate the poorly categorized (collateral damage).

Nancy Schaefer

Senator Nancy Schaefer

Senator & Activist

Nancy Schaefer was a Senator, nearly unprecedentedly she was also a good person. In fact she is one of the earliest causalities of her war against the tyrant government. A martyr long before the war began. Many police officers, firefighters, lawyers & military people have been victimized by the most corrupt 1st world government on the planet. The good ones need to be identified and protected because if a war breaks out then they will actually fight on the side of citizens. They have ALL taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. Many will actually do it!

Step 2. Stand United

Prepare for war alone, in groups of two, in larger groups... Remember if the war hasn't started and you are alone or in very small group and commit an act of war, then you are a terrorist. United We Stand and We are akin to heroes of 1778.

Cowboy and Girl

Rights & Constitution Enforcers

The People

Don't be dismissive of the people that oppose those that want to be prepared. If things get even worse than they are now and a revolutionary war becomes inevitable, your "peaceful-only" protesters will be the ones that start preparing to fight with you.

Don't be dismissive of those that want everyone to be prepared immediately for an all-out revolutionary war. With every presidential/gubernatorial election the possibility of sharp dark age turn is possible. When you want someone ready to fight for your rights, they all ready prepared.