The Goals of Judicial Center

Taxpayers work hard for their money. We understand that the government needs to reach into our pockets for money to operate on. We understand that. We've allowed that. Now the government has morphed into things that can no longer be tolerated. It's time we shut those things down peacefully if possible and by force if necessary.

These are some of the priorities we are focusing on at the moment

The actual list is endless. However, by showing 0 tolerance for these crimes against citizens and stopping these wrongdoings immediately, we will help cease similar infractions and deter future occurrences.



All recording devices that are used in court proceedings shall be designed to prohibit superimposing fake timestamps on the recordings. Everyone has Constitutional Rights and everyone should be able to record every hearing themselves to expose any rights violations.


McDonalds Burn Lady

Prohibit all past, present and future gag orders. The picture on the left is the McDonald's coffee burn lady. The whole world made fun of her all the way up to the time of her death because a big corporation was able to bribe a Judge for a gag order. Horrific things like the Devani Rose case is being covered up via gag orders. Considering the fore mentioned, it may be best for citizens to error-on-the-side-of-safety and rid ourselves of any judge that orders any gag order.


End Meth Support

Its time to end so-called "child support" far too often "Meth-Support". This website alone shows how attorneys will commit perjury in a corrupt State... Judges are crooked and have no business getting between a child and a parent. Other than in less than 1% of the cases where the children may actually be in harms way... 50/50 CUSTODY or automatic pardons should be issued to anyone utilizing whatever force necessary to enforce the rights of the parent and/or children.