How would you feel if you were at an emergency custody hearing, trying to rescue your children from an abusive meth house, and you were not allowed to testify or present evidence?
How would you feel if the evidence that you had proved that the Sheriff was responsible for that abusive meth house?
How would you feel if you kept getting charged with bogus crimes for exposing the vast corruption in the "Hillbilly Hell" corrupt Western KY County?

I can tell you the way the Dad of two beautiful children that's been abused and neglected feels about it. He feels like becoming the Governor of Kentucky and snapping all 120 counties straight out the dark ages and into the light!

    The documentation of the facts surrounding this website, the book and the upcoming movie are over 9 terabytes. However a good majority of the dilemma was summed up fairly well within a single affidavit by the children's grandfather, Johnny Samples a retired parole officer.

Johnny's Affidavit Affidavit Click to Enlarge requires Acrobat Reader