Big Brother was Tracking James! Thank Goodness!

30 minutes after leaving the courtroom. Atty. Jennifer Peeler filed a false police report against James Samples saying that he left the courtroom and followed her to her office, and was threatening and intimidating her. A friend of hers witnessed it!

James was tracked and recorded going the opposite direction.

  • Google Timeline tracked James going the opposite direction,
  • James neglected to turn off one of his recording devices while in the courtroom and James has a continuous recording spanning through out the hearing and THROUGH OUT THE TIME OF THE ALLEGED THREATENING... and through out the time of her calling the police, filling out a false police report...
  • James' parents filled out affidavits stating that James was with them for a hour or more after the hearing.
  • A Sheriff's Deputy witnessed James leaving the courthouse and getting into a car with his parents...

Two Lawyers and $6,000 Later

None of the evidence that James has was ever entered into the record. For over 40 months James has pleaded with Marc Wells to notify the courts that there is a preponderance of evidence of evidence proving James' innocence as well as to notify the courts that James entered guilty pleas under duress and has had to abandon his home a seek refuge overseas.

Atty. Jennifer Peeler

Traps children in meth-house, commits perjury, files a false police report...

Marc Wells

Retainer Required, Representation Not Offered.

Atty. Shannon Powers


Withholding discovery for nine months is so unethical it warrants disbanding the entire Judicial System! That's exactly what Shannon and Marc allowed to happen to their client. None of the evidence that should have been entered was. For over 40 months Marc Wells has refused to notify the courts that James was forced to enter guilty pleas under duress, and has been dislocated from his home, his electrical business... for over three years due to law enforcement agencies continuously making false arrest and local officials denying him due process...  as they ALL try and to cover up the damage that they caused to James & his children!